My Timeline

A common question I get when I share that I'm preparing to be a missionary in Africa is, "When do you leave?". If you received my September newsletter, this timeline might look familiar to you (if you don't receive my newsletters, you can sign up here). These are the various steps I need to take in order to start serving with my assignment in Francophone Africa

The next step is linguistics training which will help me gather and organize linguistic data when I get to the field. I'm looking to begin in January at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, TX. I need 50% of my Wycliffe budget in order to be approved to go (which is less than I anticipated). The training would take me about 9 months; that brings me to mid-September. After that, once I have 100% of my Wycliffe budget and am able to get together any visas and other preparations I might need, Lord willing, I can leave for the field.

The next available training doesn't start until June, which would be a delay of several months. I know God is sovereign, so whether I begin training in January or wait until June, it's part of His plan and it's good. In the mean time, I'm praying in faith towards being able to start in January. Please pray with me that I would make my January goal. Thank you!


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