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1st session classes

I've been studying linguistics for about a month now. Here's what I've been learning about:
Phonetics "Boats" and spittlePhonetics involves learning the sounds that comprise human languages. A big part of my homework is trying to produce these sounds and paying attention to what my mouth does. I have mimicry quizzes where I have to try to repeat a phrase in another language making it sound as close as possible. We also have quizzes where we listen to words in other languages and have to transcribe them into the international phonetic alphabet.

The human's ability to make a multitude of distinct sounds to form a language and communicate is amazing. I never thought to praise God for all the various sounds in my language. God is very creative in all the ways he's given us to express meaning. He's also very gracious, because it's through these sounds that we hear and share the Gospel.

Fun tidbit: My phonetics textbook mentioned the MN/ND Scandinavian…