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I recently spent two weeks at Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters in Orlando for an orientation called Equip. I would describe the experience as a cross between drinking from a fire hose and a wonderful evening with great friends. :) There were around 23 of us, and we started orientation by each of us sharing how God called us to this ministry. What a wonderful group of people excited for the work God is doing through Bible translation!

During the two weeks, we went over topics like Wycliffe and their partner organizations, cultural transitions, how translation works, ideas for maintaining spiritual health, and spiritual warfare. A lot of the focus was on the practical side of gathering together a financial and prayer partnership team for my Wycliffe ministry. We practiced presentations, put together newsletters, and talked about the importance of the relationships we have with the church and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our instructors were awesome. They served us well, made…