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November Elections - It's Not What You're Thinking

The fact that we have elections coming up this November in the United States probably isn't news to you. The fact that the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) also has elections scheduled this November might be. There has been a lot of concern in the international community over the elections in the DRC. For a country that has faced decades of violence and instability, this election could lead to continuing unrest. Please pray for stability in the DRC, integrity and honesty in the government, and that Bible translation could continue there unhindered.

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Florida, Philippi, and Fargo

Partnership in the Gospel At Wycliffe's headquarters in Orlando they have what's called the Discovery Center. It's a fun, interactive center that shows the history of Bible translation and the complexity of languages around the world. 

As you walk out, there's a wall of names representing individuals and churches that have partnered with missionaries. On the wall there's a quote from a church leader in Southeast Asia after a dedication of the Gospel of Mark in his language. He said, "Please give our greetings in Christ to our friends in the U.S. And please express our appreciation to them for their partnership in the Gospel in this effort."

My first assignment with Wycliffe is building a prayer and financial partnership team. Wycliffe uses the term "partner" because when someone comes alongside a missionary with prayer or finances, they are truly partners in that ministry. This is how Paul described his relationship with the church at Philippi: &q…