Notes From Study Hall

I've finished the first 6 months of classes in Dallas. It's amazing how quickly it's flown by. Here are some things I've been up to:
  • I've completed most of the classes required to start linguistics in languages needing a Bible Translation: Phonetics, Grammar, Phonology, Cultural Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Second Language and Culture Acquisition, and Intro to Language Development. Whew! It's been by God's grace that I've made it through these courses.
  • I've been attending a French-speaking African church for the last couple of months, learning about the culture, trying to improve my French skills, and learning to sing in several languages (French, Swahili, Lingala, Tchiluba, and English).
  • There are several miles of beautiful trails around campus-a hike or a jog have made for a nice break from studying.
  • In Second Language and Culture Acquisition, a group of us were learning Swahili to practice our language-learning skills.
The Swahili group with our language and staff consultant

Some things coming up:
  • I've finished my first semester! I have two classes left when I return to Dallas in July. They'll probably be the most difficult classes I'll have, so please pray. I'm done mid-September.
  • I'm praying about French school-I want my French to be at a higher level so it's not a hinderance when I arrive in Africa. I'll need to speak it at a pretty proficient level for work. I'll be trying to determine which French school and for how long-please pray.
I would love to see friends while I'm in Fargo this month, so please contact me!  


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